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Fly Control Units, Supplied, Fitted and Serviced in Barnet, Hertfordshire

These units can be Supplied, Fitted and Serviced at very competitive prices!

Chameleon 1 X 2

Attractive, Ultra-slim, wall-mounted unit, compact and unobtrusive, ideal for use in food preparation areas.

  • Full size sticky board to effectively catch even the smallest flies
  • 2 X 15 watt powerful tubes give 180 degree coverage
  • Revolutionary Reflectobakt (Pat.App.) sleeves allow longer board life and slimmer design
  • Easy to remove bottom tray and drop-down guard
  • Quick and easy no-tool service
  • White powder-coated zintec steel for long life, durability and easy cleaning. Also available in brushed stainless steel

Dimensions: H X W X D = 31.5 X 48.5 X 6.5cm. Weight: 4.3Kg.

Chameleon 1 X 2 Fly Unit

Chameleon 2 X 2

Ceiling-suspended; able to protect large open areas. Can be placed above aisleways with no possibility of fly fallout.

  • 360 degree attraction with 4 X 15 watt tubes and 2 full-sized sticky boards
  • Revolutionary Reflectobakt (Pat.App.) sleeves
  • Quick and easy no-tool service
  • Removable bottom tray and drop-down guards
  • EXcellent at catching small fliesm e.g. fruit & drain flies
  • White powder-coated zintec steel for long life, durability

Dimensions: H X W X D = 31.5 X 48.5 X 12.5cm. Weight: 6Kg.

Chameleon 2 X 2 Fly Unit

Chameleon Uplight

Attractive, wall-mounted unit; the perfect choice for areas where fly control should be discreet, e.g. eating areas.

  • Disguised as a wall light
  • Full-size sticky board and 15 watt tube hiden from view
  • Cover drops down for no-tool quick and easy service
  • Magnolia powder-coated zintec steel for easy cleaning
  • Front cover can be decorated to match exsisting decor

Dimensions: H X W X D = 21 X 47 X 17cm. Weight: 3.7Kg.

Chameleon Uplight Fly Unit

Chameleon 4 X 4 / 4 X 4 Ex

High capacity sticky trap models; large white industrial unit and stainless steel explosion-proof Ex unit.

  • Ex model for use in high moisture areas and those which require explosion-proof rating and protection to IP65.
  • 4 X 4 white model for use in large food manufacturing and processing premises and other industrial areas
  • Electronic advanced system means lower running costs
  • Designed to be suspended providing 360 degree attraction
  • 4 X 40 watt shatterproof tubes with PestWest Reflectobakt sleeves
  • Easy access to boards and tubes for quick no-tool service
  • Insects caught undamaged allowing for easy indentification

Dimensions: H X W X D = 61.5 X 63.5 X 16.5cm. Weight: 11.75Kg. (Stainless Ex 15.5Kg).

Chameleon 4 X 4 EX Fly Unit

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